But you can still sell cars right now.

A true Partner can help you get through this - and even grow in the process

The American people, and along with it, the American economy have never seen anything like the crisis we're currently going through. Besides the devastating toll of over a million sick Americans and tens of thousands of fatalities, the fact that businesses have been forced to close or do business in a manner that's greatly reduced volume has stressed our society even more.

Still, life goes on. So does the car business. It’s at a challenging time like this where Action proves to be a true partner with our clients. Our performance-based compensation plan is automatically aligned to make our services continue to be a great value when sales take a small dip or something even larger. When our dealers are selling less, they're paying us less.

News flash: We don't like being paid less. Just like during the Great Recession (where we never lost a single client), Action is working harder than ever. We’re developing and executing smart, innovative and affordable strategies that are helping our dealers maintain maximum volume, optimize gross and grow marketshare - even in a depressed market.

Here are just a few pointers to help you market your automobile dealership or dealer group during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Be careful running any ads produced before the pandemic. Ads featuring people gathering, shaking hands, etc. are a no-no right now.
  • Similarly, avoid too many jokes, cheesy banter, aggressive voiceovers, etc. You'll just appear tone-deaf and out of touch.
  • That being said, it's time to move past the somber “we're all in this together”-type creative. Our research shows consumers have hit a point of fatigue with nearly EVERY advertiser having taken this approach since mid-March. This means stay away from the “un's”: “uncertain”, “unprecedented”, “unparalleled”, etc. It's meant well, but well, it's lazy. And besides, we're now moving into a more optimistic phase of this crises. Let your advertising lead the way.
  • It's always a good idea to support your community, and this just may be the best time ever to do so. And we say don't be afraid to (tastefully) blow your own horn when you do. From free sanitizer giveaways at the dealership (while practicing Social Distancing, of course), providing lunches to first-responders, producing PSA's promoting tips for sanitizing your car, etc., Action has generated tens of thousands of dollars in FREE advertising and publicity for our dealers since this crisis began.

One last tip, and it's a big one:

  • Do. Not. Stop. Advertising. TV viewership is at its highest levels in decades right now Not just streaming, but good ol' traditional media as well. CNN had DOUBLE it's Prime Time ratings in April. FOX News was TRIPLE. Better than that, TV rates are at some of their lowest in years at the moment. We're getting 25%-50% rate discounts plus 20%-35% in no charge bonus spots for most all of our dealer partners. Research shows brands and businesses that continue advertising during downturns come back first and come out on top of those that don't. Take advantage of this now before this window of opportunity closes.

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