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    ACT!ON is a full-service automotive marketing and advertising agency for car dealerships and dealership groups. Our strategy is simple. Target the right person with the right message at the right time.

    The way we accomplish it isn’t so simple. Today’s car buyers are hard to reach without a well thought out plan. They are a multiscreen moving target with access to information 24/7. They want relevant information, quick response, transparent interaction, and a compelling reason to choose you over everyone else. If they don’t find it immediately, they simply move on.

    That’s where we come in. We’re experts at telling your story and motivating car buyers to respond. Our multichannel marketing strategies and creative messages propel car buyers with rocket speed to your phone line, e-mail in-box, and front door. We’ve done it for dealerships of all sizes since 1988 and we get BIG RESULTS.


    Meet our Leaders

    • Jay Murphree Agency President

    • Jana Elder Agency Vice Pres.

    • Jeremy Jackson Vice Pres. Account Services

    • Amy Jackson Media Director

    • Rachael Fry Sr. Account Manager

    • Sean McCullough Sr. Account Manager

    • Zach Janes Dir. of Digital Marketing

  • Our services


    Creative Strategy

    We believe every dealership has a unique story to tell. We dive to the heart of the matter and do extensive research on your dealership, your market’s consumer trends, vehicle sales, and competitive landscape to craft attention grabbing, top of mind creative strategies that connect with car buyers and move them to act.

    Media Buying

    Over the last 25 years, our media team has negotiated every type of media imaginable. Markets large and small, they know the best, targeted media strategies to hit car buyers with the right message at the right time for maximum exposure at the lowest rates. From media placement, reconciliation, and coop administration our media strategies are 100% primed to get a big return on investment.

    Paid Search

    More than 80% of consumers use the internet to research a product before making a purchase. Our digital team are experts at developing highly effective paid search campaigns to find car buyers and drive them to your website using innovative paid search technology.


    Although everyone tries to make it happen, it’s not always possible to hit a home run with a customer on the first try. Our custom web banner and online video pre-roll retargeting strategies are designed with maximum efficiency to get missed opportunities back onto your website and into your store for a 2nd opportunity.

    Video Preroll

    Need an alternative to expensive broadcast media or maybe you’re looking to boost your media frequency? Online video preroll is an affordable tactic for getting in front of in-market car buyers while they’re online actively looking for the products you sell. We’ve been on the cutting-edge of preroll technology from it’s early beginnings and have the know how to develop campaigns that lead to higher clicks and sales.

    Email Marketing

    Our email marketing strategies are an incredible tool for making cold leads hot again and giving previous customers reason to enter back into the market for another purchase. Our segmented, highly effective email campaigns are constructed in ways to engage customers with messages and delivery methods that entice them to buy and buy now.

    Mobile Marketing

    Car buyers aren’t just using desktops and laptops to shop for vehicles online. The number of car buyers conducting research with their smartphones is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. We know how to maximize your marketing efforts to reach this growing market and put your message in the palm of their hand.

    TV Production

    The #1 source consumers spend the majority of their time for entertainment, news, and events is television. The power of video remains an incredibly strong way to excite car buyers through sight and sound. Our creative team knows the secrets for harnessing the power of tv to entice car buyers to act, engage, and buy.

    Radio Production

    If radio is the theater of the mind, our team of copywriters are top-notch play writes highly skilled at getting car buyers’ attention. We know the exact words to say and how to say them to stop radio listeners in their tracks and imagine how great life can be driving in their new car from your dealership.

    Graphic Design

    Developing a unique message about your dealership isn’t worth a thing if nobody sees it. It has to garner attention in order to be effective. Our staff of artists are masters at turning unique messages into eye catching graphics that command attention and compel car buyers to act.

    Web Design

    It’s a fact, your digital store front is just as important as your physical store front. Our web team knows how to extend your digital welcome mat and make sure online visitors easily find the content they’re looking for and a great experience. We can bring your digital store front to life in the form of websites, landing pages, mobile sites, apps, microsites, and blog pages.

    Web Maintenance

    On average, less than 5% of all website visitors will convert into a lead. What if that number could increase to 6%, 7%, or higher? How many more cars could you sell? Our team members know the secrets to turn your website into a lead producing machine.

    Direct Mail

    The key to a successful mail campaign is sending a precise, targeted message to the right person in an attention grabbing format. Our years of experience in identifying the best messages, designs, and audiences yields a higher propensity for increasing open rates, eliminating waste, and achieving better gross margins.

    Reputation Marketing

    You can tell customers all day long you’re a great dealership to do business with. However, it’s never as effective as when they see and hear it from one of their friends, family members, or peers. Our reputation building strategies are designed to get your store more star ratings and minimize negative reviews.

    Social Marketing

    Having a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ page, and YouTube channel isn’t a social media marketing strategy. They’re simply tools. We know how to effectively use those tools to implement a social strategy that engages customers in conversation instead of talking at them. In return they become brand proponents with a powerful ability to share your story in unique ways traditional media never could.

    Special Events

    Need a big push to kickstart a month or end it with a bang? How about a big idea to clear out aging new or used car inventory? We have dozens of manned sales event campaigns with the muscle to move metal fast. We provide everything you need to get monster results and unlike most event companies you keep all the profit.

    Market Research

    A great marketing strategy is only as strong as the data supporting it. That’s why our strategy recommendations are constructed from in-depth analysis of measurable data specific to your individual market, customer demographics, product trends, and consumer purchase patterns. The end result equals more sales and increased market share.

    Public Relations

    Have you got a really cool community event you want to launch? Maybe you want to showcase your store as a corner stone of the community. We know how to create, nurture, and promote highly effective public relations campaigns to put your dealership squarely in the limelight.


    When most car buyers want information to prepare for making a vehicle purchase where do they go first? Unfortunately, it’s no longer a dealership. It’s the internet. Our team of experts have the know how to design an SEO strategy that fits your needs to get more relevant web traffic to your website instead of your competitions’.
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Looking for a marketing partner that can help make you more successful, profitable, trusted and preferred? You¹ve come to the right place.

While every agency claims they¹re different, ACT!ON truly is. Our exclusive results-based compensation means we¹re as invested in your success as much as you are. While other agencies are paid commissions based upon how much media you buy, or worse, a retainer where their pay is guaranteed regardless of performance, ACT!ON is paid only when you sell cars. Yep, that's right: just like you're paid.

But that¹s only part of our story. You see, we believe the biggest threat to dealerships isn¹t lack of awareness. It isn¹t even rejection. It¹s indifference. There are lots of choices out there for car buyers and most dealerships don¹t provide car buyers with a compelling enough reason to choose their dealership over the others. We fix that by developing creative strategies that use a vast array of traditional, digital, and social media channels to get you noticed, remembered, talked about, and most importantly... generate results.

We appreciate you visiting our site and invite you to read on, meet some of our people and view samples of our work. If you like what you see and think you'd like to hear more, contact us for a no cost, no obligation, in-person presentation. We'd like to meet you, see your store and tell you more about what we can do for you.